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Dominance and submission, such scary words. I will say in the beginning of this post that it illustrates elements of a lifestyle choice that I have practiced for many years. While I know there are those who consider the lifestyle unhealthy, I've found the opposite in the connections I've made. Truly deep, cathartic, restorative friendships have helped me understand more about myself than I ever would have learned in other settings...

While many of the images in my gallery show the female submissive, I truly, TRULY love shooting real dominant women. This is the story of just such a shoot.

The domme contacted me and asked if I would consider shooting her 'in scene' with two of her subs. We discussed the nature of what she wanted and a fee since she would be using the images on her professional site, and determined a date, time and location.

I met her at the Mondrian Hotel on Sunset in the early afternoon. We chatted while she prepared. The shoot would be a lifestyle shoot, meaning that I would be more or less a "fly on the wall." I wanted to catch the reality of their encounter, not something made up.

It is impractical to suggest that she could forget my presence. Honestly I think our interaction adds another layer to the experience they shared. He arrived first. She asked him to remove all of his clothes and sit in this chair.

I'm sure he felt some measure of jealousy in watching me prepare her for her latex catsuit. I was fascinated as she dressed her compliant servant in lingerie, then hooded him and continued to quietly torture and arouse him.

Her female sub changed the dynamic completely. The male was forced to watch as the domme enjoyed her presence. He stood quietly in the closet as their connection translated to the bed.

In the moment the connection between the two women was much more sensual and I would say the sub's pain was much more real and intense. This reflected the domme's sense of each sub's need and also, interestingly related to my presence. While another man actually made the male sub more compliant, the female resented my presence (and the attention the domme gave me) and so a series of activities were employed to cause her to forget that I was there.

When I felt I had enough images to work with, I quietly packed my gear and left them to their own devices. The best part of this experience for me was the opportunity to watch this dominant woman in her element. Her subs aren't acting out a part in a play. They are truly hers and they are devoted to her and want, fervently, to please her. She clearly cares for them. She creates a safe space for all of them and even though in this case the male and female submissive had never met, they were instantly completely comfortable in their roles, because she created a safe atmosphere.

If you're a dominant and you would like to explore some new images, feel free to reach out to me and let's chat about it. I'd love to shoot with you...


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