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What Now New Year?

2021 Yay... Like most folks I guess, every year when the calendar changes I assess. In this world I'm focused on my art. Many who come to this site make the assumption that this is just a glorified spank bank. I get that, but that's not what this is for me. You see, to me every image in my galleries has sound. Most have souls.

Someone asked me which image is my favorite. Hers was this one which was a bit surprising, but that's a subject for another day. (I mean, who doesn't like a real, natural, well controlled red bush?) But I digress.

You see, to me this isn't just an image. I remember the shoot and the subject and the location. I remember the blue rope was hers. She had me tie this harness on her because she'd seen it in my images. Her playlist was also surprising. Traditional blues.

We enjoyed each other's company and shot together over two days at a crazy-beautiful space in phoenix.

I know without going back and looking at the image that I shot this with my 5D Mark III (when it was new) and that the lens is a 50mm 1.2. The shot is actually a mistake in that it is shot at about 1.8 and really should have been shot at about 3.5. This would have allowed the foreground to be in focus.

Tammy is her name. She's a real person. Fun soul. Special gal.

Not all of the images in my collection foster happy memories. One of the models in my portfolio died in 2020 of complications from Covid 19. That's such a weird phrase isn't it? She was a great person. She smoked, a lot. She got the disease and it killed her. But when I see the images she gave us in my work, I smile. I got to know her.

For 2021 I'm focusing on working with people I enjoy. I don't have a lot of time to devote to my cameras, but I have enough. For the most part I'll be working with women who want fun, beautiful, sensual, sexy images of themselves. I'm not planning on doing any workshops or weddings this year.

If you want to shoot let me know. We can find the time. We'll make new memories and if they're good, we'll smile.


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