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Preparing for Your Shoot

"What do I do on the day of the shoot?"

It's not a dumb question at all... Here is the checklist everyone's been asking for.

Hair and Makeup.

Don't let anyone overdo either. Unless you're looking for a really dramatic look, your hair and makeup should be no more involved than a special evening on the town. Do this long enough before the shoot that you aren't rushed. You know your hair better than anyone. Give yourself the best chance of a great look.

Take your clothes off!

At least two hours before the shoot take off anything that's tightly fitting. That includes bras, panties, jeans, tight fitting blouses, etc. I want you to show up for the shoot in your loosest, most comfortable sweats or even pajamas. Tight fitting clothes leave lines on your skin that can take hours to fade. You're coming to shoot your skin so let's make sure it's "seam" free.

What to pack for the shoot.

Bring your jeans but don't wear them. You always feel sexy in your favorite pair of jeans.

Bring something fun you'd never wear anywhere. Because if there's a time to wear it, it's here.

Bring a few sets of your favorite lingerie. Limit, 4 sets per session!

Bring heels, and sexy shoes or boots.

Bring props. These can answer the ever present question, "what do I do with my hands?"

If there's a significant other, bring something of theirs. Because nothing is sexier than you in my shirt.


See the earlier post. Please.


Is there a protein bar, energy drink or something like that that will give you energy and not make you jitter? Bring it along.

What not to do.

Drugs, Alcohol. It's natural to want to relax a bit. The trick is that artificial energy of this sort doesn't last. It fades. In the end it makes you tired. I'd rather you be nervous and a bit tense than high. Truly. I'm not opposed to a bottle of champagne or a glass of wine. These shoots are fun and these things can make it fun. Everything in moderation.

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