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Workshop Time

Chrystal, Canon 5DIII, Lens Baby Composer. ISO 200, 1/125, F4.5

Sorry to say it, but this workshop is full. Check back for the next post. J...

Alrighty fun folks ... You've been asking for it and now that summer is here it's time for out next workshop.

This workshop will focus on off camera lighting. I have a few friend models who'll be there as subjects. The workshop will last approximately four hours and will cover several different off camera techniques, gear, preference and practice. (The usual stuff).

One thing to remember is that I don't use exotic gear. All of the equipment you'll be touching is affordable and easy to use and it's the same gear I use for commercial shoots, weddings, etc.

The usual rules will apply.

No Shooting During Instruction

$100 Per person. Covers models, studio rental and I have to buy a set of Nikon triggers

Nikon, Canon and Sony only

Pro body SLRs only

Maximum of 15 people. (There will be 15 people there).

The models choose their own poses.

A blanket release will be provided.

There will not be "catch up" for late arrivals.

Each admission is for one person only. No guests.

The date will be Saturday, July 15th from 10AM to 2PM.

Studio location TBA, Arts District, LA

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