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I'm not one of those crotchety old guys who looks at the changes in photography and complains about the new world. Frankly, the new world has made a lot of things easier and there is a place for that. Shooting a wedding in the 80s with Hasselblads and Giant battery powered strobes... Oy. No thank you.

But I still love the craft.

I love it when my subjects feel beautiful. I love it when they want to try something new or explore some part of their character. I love it when that's playful.

And I love it when it's meditative.

What I love the most is figuring out how to use the capabilities of the camera to tell a story about what the subject and I are experiencing. Do these images provoke thoughts for you? Then we've accomplished our goal.

Photoshop, Lightroom and other tools used by photographers to enhance images have their place. These days it seems there is almost nothing that can't be done in post, and in fact when the artist is gifted enough, that's true.

For me though, the fun of photography is understanding the setting, the subject, the light, the lens and the camera and being able to anticipate what an image will be before the shutter fires.

That, and the laughter, love and beauty of friends will always keep me coming back for more.


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