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SW Friendly

Someone recently asked me if I was "SW Friendly." It took me a minute to figure out that she was asking if I was willing to shoot sex workers.

"Of course," I responded, "Sex work is work."

She then asked if I was willing to do, more or less, an 8 hour shoot with her, edit all of the images, and get them back to her in sets for Only Fans.

Uhm. No.

No, I don't hate Only Fans. I don't mind shooting sets with people so they can use them for sale on their media sites and I don't charge much. In fact I've been chastised (by a sex worker) for charging too little.

For me it's about the experience and that doesn't mean I want to "trade." It means it's got to be fun. Frankly it's got to be fun because if you're having fun you get better images.

This will sound odd. But I remember what taking the above image sounded like. I remember that we'd just had the "bejesus" scared out of us because a hotel maid opened a staircase door two flights down. And I remember that we were laughing. She said, "might as well show them something!" (no one saw us).

And I remember that when we captured this image a few minutes later in the same staircase she said, "Oh wow, I'm so wet."

Having fun being sexy does that to you. SW is work. I get that. But when we're taking pictures, no matter why, fuck it if we're not going to have fun. An 8 hour shoot isn't fun, and editing all of the images from an 8 hour shoot isn't fun. That's work.

If you're a sex worker and you need content and want to talk about doing a shoot, and if my images look like images you'd like of yourself, then drop me a line and we can talk about it. I don't provide 1000 images, but I don't provide 12 either. I've shot with a lot of people over the years. I don't really care why they want the images. What matters to me is that they like them.

Pretty sure she liked that one.


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