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Why Dungeon East Is Where You Want To Shoot

There are a number of places around Los Angeles where I love to shoot and shoot often. For crazy backdrops and textures it's hard to beat Dystopian. But when people ask where I prefer, the answer is pretty easy. I love to shoot at Dungeon East.


Well, first because it's clean and well organized. And because I love the furnishings and the suggestiveness of the space. (And that is, by the say, easily the best spanking bench anywhere in Los Angeles!)

But I also love it because I can make the image below.

And the one below

In less than 15 minutes. And there is almost no post work on either. They're just cropped.

What makes it great is the versatility of the light. It can be brilliant light...

Or Dark

I need to know how to manipulate light, and I do, and so all of this versatility is available because the space is so flexible.

Thank you so much Justine for making it available...

If you're interested in renting (and you promise not to screw it up) see Los Angeles Dungeon East at or contact them directly at


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