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Dynamic Duo

Few people would believe that the above image is actually untouched. Meaning this is exactly how it came out of the camera. The good news is that I don't really care what the naysayers believe. It is, in fact, untouched.

I get away with that for two reasons. One is that Brett and Steph ( and ) are spectacular. Fun to be with. Fun to shoot. Crazy professional, but also still open to what the moment wants to bring them... (Hence their red heels).

The other is that I've been shooting a long time and I started I started with film. That meant that every time I pressed the shutter it cost me money. So I got good at paying attention to light, whether manufactured by me (as above) or natural, (below).

What makes photography fun for me isn't the ability to manipulate images in Photoshop. It's the ability to shoot the same scene with two different lighting plans and come up with something completely different just because I want to.

And when whimsy strikes, why not just do a little magic with Lightroom... Because I can

Brett and Steph are examples of the great people I get to work with when I get a chance to shoot. Sexy, gorgeous, but also fun, grounded, strong women who know what they want from life and are finding their path and their journey. They inspire me.

And I also love light... Forever.


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