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Two Great Studio Locations

I get a lot of questions from other photographers (and lifestyle participants) about the locations in my dungeon shots. While I have shot in dungeons in Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale, New York, San Francisco and London, the majority of my images are captured right here in Los Angeles at one of two dungeons conveniently available for rent. DungeonWest, pictured in the first few images below, has no natural light at all. While this may scare away a lot of GWCs I love the darkness and the fact that I can create all of the light on my own or use the sexy lighting in the studio to create great mood images.

In addition to the space, both dungeons are equipped with a wide variety of fun and usable props, furnishings, etc. All of these "darker" images are from Dungeon West. There is a great image collection showing the dungeon, etc on their website at,

One of my favorite places to shoot is "The White Dungeon," or the "Yes Mistress" Dungeon formally called Los Angeles, Dungeon East.

I love the versatility of this HUGE space. There are blackout cards that block the light coming in the windows so it's possible to make it dark, and when they're removed the sun blazes through the windows and turns the whole place blazing white.

If you'd like to shoot with me in either space, please use the contact form on this site and we can discuss your shoot, fees, etc. If you're interested in renting the spaces for photography or play or both, contact the Dungeons through their sites or just email,

Have fun and happy shooting..


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