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"Do you ever touch your models?"

The short answer is yes, all the time. I push back errant hair. I adjust a bra strap or cut off a tag. Sometimes I'll help someone pose. Shoots always start and end with hugs. I'm a hugger. Shoot me.

With that said, no, I have never had "accidental sex" with a model. And yes, there have been opportunities over the years and I'm glad to say I've always resisted.

These sessions are intimate. It's quiet and the atmosphere is sensually charged. In the best circumstances my subjects are feeling great. Endorphins are flowing freely. I can see why it happens. It's just that it violates a trust relationship I see as sacred.

I'm honored to be there with you. I'm honored to see what I see, honored to be your friend, conspirator and confidante. I hold the trust you place in me in a special place in my soul. And I would never jeopardize that.

Yes, there are some shoots were you can actually see me interacting with the model. More true for sure in Fetish styled shoots than in most others. But in these cases there is always a lot of discussion. There are hard limits and they are known ahead of time and followed during the shoot.

And yes, there are times when I, too, am sorely tempted. If in a day or two we're still feeling the same way, and it's both of us, why not? We're adults and we're free to pursue our desires. But not here. Not now. I respect you too much to push that...

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