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For Girls Who Work

Sex workers have a challenging life. I get that. You're involved, or many of you are, in the world's oldest profession. Most of you can't tell your friends or your family what to do. It's hard to find people to work with.

Here's the thing. I don't fear you. I am a no-judgement zone. What you do to earn a buck is up to you. Some of my closest friends over the years have been escorts, or dommes, or gifted masseuses. So long as what you're doing is your choice, and you're healthy and happy, I applaud you all...

Do I shoot images for advertising, etc.?

No. I shoot images for personal use. If your personal use of your images is on a website that's also your business. When I shoot images for people for pay I forfeit all rights to the images with the delivery of the collection. That means if I want to publish an image here on my site I have to ask your permission. I like it that way.

My fees are reasonable. I don't trade or barter. If you want to shoot, drop me a line.

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