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Fun, POV Shoot

A friend recently remarked that I had a lot of images of women as submissives on my site, but not that many with women as dominant. I thought about that and looked through the collection and realized she was right. There are a few reasons for that, and one is that most of these images are shot according to what the subjects wanted to shoot, rather than what I dictated. With that said, I thought it was time to rectify it and found the perfect model in Berkeley and San Francisco based, super fun model, Andrea Rosu...

Andrea's space provided both indoor and outdoor settings, and of course I'm going to shoot outdoors if I have the chance..

As we went through the day I tried to depict my "domme" from the perspective of her submissive. To make this shot I put a thigh cuff around my neck (turns out I don't have any collars that are big enough for me) and fastened the leash to it to free my hands to hold the camera.

It's usually a no-no, but in this image, the crop placed directly on the lens is pretty damned fun ...

We had a lot of fun dreaming up the various scenarios that might take place during a typical domme, sub interaction. Andrea was a great actress ...

Or was she acting?

If you're interested in doing a domme style shoot, please do contact me as I would love to do some more. I want my images to highlight women's strength and this is a fun, direct way to accomplish that.


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