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Women of Strength

I am often asked what I want to show out of my images... The answer is that I always want my subjects to see themselves as the best version of who they really are in that context.

I don't really direct many shoots. Unless there is a client and the client is looking for a specific image, I'm much more inclined to let my subject take me where she wants to go.

Sometimes she wants bondage or to be restrained, etc., I'm happy to do that for her, but always in the context of what she wants and how she wants it and never in the context of what I want. The closest I may come to that is what WE want, but even that is rare.

Mostly what I want her to see is her strength. Her outer strength, the muscles, the body she works so hard to keep strong and fit, but also her spirit. I want her to see her soul.

I love it when I get emails like the one I got including the image above... Can we shoot again? She asked. I want to feel this way again. She said. I want her to feel that way too...

Or this image... When she just walked into the corner and stood there. "This is how I feel when she is coming to see me.. Naked and exposed. I want her so badly. She said...

"This is the best picture of my ass I've ever seen ..." She said. I love that too...

Bravo friends... I celebrate you!

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