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What Do I Do with My...

I was shooting with someone recently whom I've known for a while. She had put off and put off and put off doing a shoot, but then decided it was time. She came that day and she was noticeably nervous and I asked her why.

"I never know what to do with my hands!" She said. "And this is going to be worse because I'm not really even wearing any clothes!"

I laughed. That's such a common thing.

It's as though all of the sudden hands become this awkward appendage we'd rather not have.

The answer is actually pretty simple. Whatever you would ordinarily do with them... Do that. Don't force it,

Rest them against your body. Or pick up a prop and play with it as Frannie is in the image below.

It's not just the hands, either. "Where do I look?"

Wherever you want.

Don't look at me...

Look but don't worry about smiling

All of the above work.

The biggest thing is to sort of forget you're having your picture taken. The more natural and fun our interactions are, the more relaxed and natural the images will turn out. Sometimes even the biggest goofball images turn out surprisingly hot.

Or fun...

And there's damn sure nothing wrong with that!


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